At Acorn Printing we have an array of technologies at our fingertips so that, no matter how complex your logo or artwork, we will have the ideal way of professionally adding it onto your chosen garments. These methods include:

  • Embroidery - offers a sense of quality and permanence that no form of printing can achieve, due mainly to its solid slightly three-dimensional texture and the fact that it is very much part of the garment. Designs can be digitised for stitching onto virtually any garment by our state-of-the-art embroidery machines.
  • Screen printing - one of the most traditional methods of printing, involving the application of ink directly through a screen onto the garment. Since only one colour is printed at a time, several screens are used to produce a multicoloured image or design. For further information see.
  • DTG (direct-to-garment) - a recent innovation in T-shirt printing, working in a similar way to a desktop inkjet printer you probably have at home, but printing onto the garment itself rather than paper. The ink has an inbuilt fusing agent which bonds with the fabric ensuring a lasting finish. The result is exceptionally high quality printing and visually stunning artwork. Ideal for small volume orders which require complex designs.
  • Digital, litho & Screen Print transfers - designs are printed onto a special transfer paper, which is then cut to shape and applied to the garment using heat and pressure. The result is a beautiful, soft finish and sharp finish. Digital and litho transfers work best for detailed logos on a solid background. Screen print transfer work well up to 3 colours and are perfect for printing fine text, where the resolution of screen printing isn't quite enough.
  • CAD cut vinyl print - the design is cut onto a single-colour sheet of vinyl, which is then heat-sealed onto the garment. This creates a vibrant, bold finish that really stands out. Perfect for producing simple logos and text in single colours and great for small to medium quantities.
  • Sublimation - offers the highest level of flexibility in printing. On bespoke garments the image can be printed all over the entire item, with no difficulty in printing all the way to the edges. Instead of the design being printed onto the garment's surface, the fabric is permanently dyed so it can be washed with no risk of damaging the quality of the image. On stock white polyester garments and promotional goods, a vivid print can be achieved up to A4 in size.