Embroidered clothing looks and feels a little more special than printed clothing.

Polo or Oxford shirts along with sweatshirts and hoodies suit embroidery particularly well, especially when multi-coloured logos on small runs are required. Embroidered designs can be produced in small or large runs and once the initial jacquard (see below) has been made then the design can be repeated at a later date quite simply.

What can be embroidered

Most articles of clothing (except the thinnest of T-shirts) can be embroidered. Some of our garments are designed to be embellished this way and have zipped linings that can be opened to allow the outer layer of the garment onto the machine. We are always here to help you choose the right clothing for your needs.

The jacquard

A jacquard or digitisation is a design that has been transferred from the graphics package on the PC to the embroidery machine and therefore is stored electronically for future use.

The design & cost of a jacquard

The jacquard or design is charged by the number of stitches in the design. Once we have seen the design or sketch, we can then quote for the jacquard based on its size and complexity. Please remember the jacquard cost is only incurred on the first order. It can be reused without cost on repeat orders.

The average cost of a jacquard is £38 for a logo with around 6,500 stitches. Simple text logos in a standard embroidery font are £12. Larger design costs vary and we will quote for each design on an individual basis.


There are many shades of cotton available. An embroidered design can have up to 12 colours, although most tend to have only two to six colours.