Printing Methods

Screen printing

Screen printing is suitable for most garments from hoodies to T-shirts, as well as promotional materials such as sports bags.

The prices quoted in the price lists include 1-colour print in one position.  Note: prices quoted exclude VAT.

Screen printing requires a screen to be made for each colour. We screen print from 1 to 10 colours, with a minimum of only 10 off garments per order being required for 1-colour printing (20 off for 2 or more colours).

Screen charges are as follows:

  • 1-colour print £25
  • 2-colour print £40
  • 3-colour print £56
  • 4-colour print £74
  • 5-colour print £87
  • 6-colour print £99
  • 7-colour print £110
  • 8-colour print £120
  • 9-colour print £130
  • 10-colour print £140

NOTE! Screen charges are only made on the first order. Repeat orders which use the same artwork, with no changes to print size etc, do not incur screen charges.