Personalise your Reusable Shopping Bags

Jute jumbo shopperCurrently, it is now more important than ever to do what we can to help the environment. As a shop/store owner, what you can do is provide reusable shopping bags for the customers.

1 Trillion one-time use plastic bags are used around the world, which also means that nearly 2 million plastic bags are used and disposed of every minute. By providing your customer with the opportunity to purchase a reusable bag, you offer the chance to help the environment, and it also creates a product for you to sell.

At Acorn Printing, we provide a variety of different bags from 100% recycled bottle polyester bags to organic cotton and various shopper bags.

After you have chosen your desired bag, we then can offer you a variety of different ways in which your bag can be personalised.
We can print your name, logo and image (to name a few) onto your bag.

Our in-house design team is happy to help you with the personalisation of reusable shopping bags. Our extremely friendly team are there to help at any point and can offer ideas for your personalisation.

f you would like to contact us at any point, please call our freephone number 0800 0190 522 or email our team at

We can also be found on Facebook too! Feel free to leave us a message on there, and we will try to respond to you as quickly as possible.

We hope to speak to you soon.

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